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Why I Care Bridging an Endless Supply-Chain-Academia Divide

Jay shares why it's so critical to address the widening gap between academics and buzzwords and the reality of supply chain operations and disruption in our latest blog.

Business Education and Challenges Operating a Supply Chain in a Frontier Nation

Learn how frontier nations like Vietnam can help business leaders navigate the looming challenges of globalization with immediate support.

Business Education and the Challenges of Operating a Global Supply Chain

We explore the talent gap crisis for global supply chains and how academe is involved.

Discovering the Business of the Ocean

We share on the new wave of disruption in the maritime industry.

2 Weeks in Quarantine

Catherine shares what post-travel quarantine looks like in our new normal.

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The Fortenberry Group, led by Jay Fortenberry, is a team of cross-functional experts specializing in supply chain planning & execution, finance, inventory optimization, analytics, logistics and international trade and customs. The Fortenberry Group works closely with public and private international companies to improve efficiencies, maximize operating cash flow and compete in an ever-changing global economy.

With decades of time-tested experiences, The Fortenberry Group’s in-depth process uncovers hidden costs and expenses.

Regardless of a company’s roster, the Fortenberry team has highly-specialized expertise that is unique in the marketplace.

Our results are sustainable and do not require an upfront investment, expensive software, added headcount, or any disruption to the business.

Optimizing the Supply Chain

Optimizing the Supply Chain is an essential book to help readers understand the dynamics of how a global business operates. Chapter by chapter, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of people, process, and tools and how a supply chain could operate in today’s complex world.

Meet the Fortenberry Team

With a proficiency of Vietnamese culture and trade policies, Kim Oanh Vu is known for her command of crisis communications and business administration management and partnering with global businesses for results.

From the Fortenberry Blog

Why I Care: Bridging an Endless Supply-Chain-Academia Divide

am hearing devastating stories from so many educated supply chain professionals struggling to manage problems that we eradicated decades ago in the wake of the global pandemic. My heart goes out to them, and I wonder why no one taught them to beware of these rocky shoals?

Business Education and Challenges Operating a Supply Chain in a Frontier Nation

A question that is continually asked in academia is: “Are our educational sources evolving to meet the needs of the modern logistician?”

Business Education and the Challenges of Operating a Global Supply Chain

I decided that my ‘contribution to knowledge’, would focus on my strength, and be titled Does Managing Cycle Time Improve A Business’s Working Capital Performance? So, I wrote and began to pitch my paper to a host of some of the finer higher education institutions.

Discovering the Business of the Ocean

Last November, a colleague introduced me to a group of Australian entrepreneurs going deep on how supply chains operate. I love the topic, and it seemed like a great opportunity to mentor small business leaders, so we started a conversation.

The Fortenberry Group Case Studies

Inventory and the P&L: Mapping the Supply Chain

In 2011, the business leaders in Brazil complained that they were having difficulties selling product in the region.

The high cost of doing business was a direct result of failures in the supply chain. Initial observations noted that long lead times, missing shipments and the 3PL’s total indifference towards corrective action were all contributing to the problem.

Additionally, it was further determined that the factories in China, Germany, Mexico and the U.S. were completely unqualified and unaware of the intricacies of shipping product to Brazil.

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