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Anticipating and Planning Business Interruptions to Ensure Continuity

Business interruptions can take many forms. Recent examples in the news have included natural disasters such as the earthquake and ensuing tsunami at Fukushima, Japan; port congestion due to a labor dispute on the U.S. West Coast; a health crisis requiring segments of a population to be quarantined, and social […]

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Keeping “People” Front and Center in People, Process and Tools

On a flight to London before the holidays, I decided to use the time to write about managing people. I thought it would be timely, since many of us are writing performance appraisals and/or doing year-end organization reviews at this time of year. Over my career I’ve seen the whole […]

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Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning – A Continual Process

A company performing SIOP properly, can keep the reigns on working capital and operating expenses while still being able to grow. Conversely, if this process is performed poorly, a business can hemorrhage, draining valuable resources from other parts of the business. I was once a new hire who’d inherited the […]

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